About Savanna Malveaux


Savanna Malveaux, born in Atlanta is a true southern Georgia peach. Her love for reading and writing was sparked in early childhood. While life got in the way, as it usually does, Savanna focused more on reading than writing. Her first novel idea was born out of necessity during a solo vacation, after finishing all the books she brought along (long before E-readers were wildly popular). While this is her first foray into professional writing, she has written blogs, poems, and short stories throughout her life. Savanna hopes her vivid characters and intricate plots are relatable inspiring or both. Savanna Malveaux desires to live in a world where women’s sensual empowerment is not frowned on by society; it should be celebrated! When she is not writing or working her nine-to-five, she continues to travel the globe, enriched through her interactions with diverse cultures and people.

Join Savanna's Journey

Born is really a key word because it was not until 7 years later that she published her first novel. While Our Time was not the first novel she started, it was the concept she is most passionate about, women's sexual empowerment. Maybe the original concept will eventually become spilled ink. Join her on this fictional literary journey to find out...